Beading Parties that foster creativity & imagination. 

There are so many different things one can use for beading,.  This page is dedicated to helping you learn more about some of the items you may want to put in your beading box.

Crystal Beads

Available in a variety of shapes round, bicone, drop and cubes. Faceted crystal beads add sparkle designs. The more expensive the crystal the more reflective and clear it likely is. 

Bugle Beads

Bugle beads are manufactured in Japan by Miyuki and Toho, and in the Czech Republic by Preciosa (who describes them as "glass rays of sunlight").Many bugle beads have sharp edges that may fray or cut beading thread that wraps over them.

Lamp Work Glass Beads

Glass canes of varying color are spun onto a mandrel over a hot flame creating vibrant handcrafted glass beads.  Tools are used to alter the shape and style of bead. They are then cured in a very hot kiln over night bringing out their shine and ensuring their durability.

Ceramic Beads

Clay beads fired at hot temperatures. Available in glazed or natural matte finishes. These beads come in a variety of colors. 

Furnace Glass Beads

Artistic handmade beads formed from glass canes that are fused together and sliced. The final product beads with stripes of color. 

Millefiori Beads

Glass canes with multicolored patterns that are visible only at the cut end of the cane. The are used to create beads with colourful varying designs.

Beading Wire

A flexible nylon-coated steel wire. Higher diameters mean more strands of wire in turn making the wire stronger and more flexible. Brand names include Accuflex, Acculon, Tiger Tail and Soft Flex. To cut the wire use wire cutters. To secure this stringing material use crimp tubes with crimping pliers. Available in variety of colors.

Nylon Fishing Line

Nylon fishing line made of braided cords that do not stretch. Higher tests have greater strengths. Brand names include Dandy Line, Fireline and PowerPro. To cut the fishing line use scissors. 

Sterling Silver Wire

Soft and easily manipulated good for creating loops and is the best wire to use for wire projects adding value to your pieces. To cut the wire use wire cutters.

Memory Wire

Resilient strong wire that retains its coil shape even when repeatedly pulled. To cut this wire use sturdy wire cutters.

Leather & Suede

Round smooth cord. Gauged in millimetres sold in variety of colors. Good to use for beads with large wholes. To cut the cord use scissors.

Stretch Cord

Solid and strong cord with the ability to stretch and retain it shape. Available in variety of colors and sizes. To cut the cord use scissors.

Beading Thread

Available in a variety of sizes and colors. Excellent for stringing Pearls. Used with beading needle or sewing needle. To cut the thread use scissors.


Linked chain available in variety of gauges. In general linked chain is available in sliver, brass, gold, silver plated and copper. It is often not necessary to cut chain rather use needle nose pliers to pull the links apart.

Hemp Cord

Rough texture made of natural fibres. Noted as one of natures strongest fibres. Available in variety of colors and sizes. To cut this cord use scissors.

Crimping Tool

Used specifically for securing crimp beads to the ends of threading mediums.  Used with tubular and rounded crimp beads.

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are hand-tools used to cut wire such as sterling silver, copper, and gold-filled. Available in different configurations, including flush cutters, bevel cutters, end cutters.

Round Nose Pliers

They help create loops at the end of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are used to connect to the fastening clasp. 

Flat Nose Pliers

Designed for straightening bent wire and for making sharp bends and ring angles in wire.